Process automation,
cloud control for Industry 4.0

The solution, thanks to robot and monitoring systems, allows production systems and assembly equipment to become interconnected mobile systems capable of taking independent decisions.
It envisages the use of a set of interconnected sensors which, when applied to an industrial system, enable an authentic Connected Factory, guaranteeing the highest quality production and reducing the possibility of machine interruptions. The signals from the sensors are processed by machine learning algorithms and a trained neural network recognizes the correct processing of products and forecasts potential faults of the line.

5G technology becomes the enabler of numerous industrial applications in smart factors, in the industry 4.0 paradigm. A wireless connection allows the installation of non-invasive sensors capable of sending a huge amount of low latency data. The data are processed on the high computing capacity Edge Cloud for a real time recognition of potential faults, reconfiguration of the system to new production parameters and automatic activation of the local maintenance service for fast intervention.

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