Vodafone 5G trials in Milan

The 5G
European capital

The Vodafone 5G trials, assigned by the MiSE after Vodafone won the national call for Milan, is backed by an investment of 90 millions euro and the involvement of 38 partners. As a result, Milan has become the European capital of 5G, with 41 services across 7 industries.

5G in Milano

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Other trials

Vodafone 5G Genova

Vodafone is bringing four 5G projects to Genova related to public transportation and infrastructure security. The use of 5G technology will allow Genova to accelerate digital transformation and evolve into a true city of the future.

Catanzaro 4.0

Vodafone is part of ‘Catanzaro 4.0’, a trial project funded by MiSE and promoted by Comune and Provincia of Catanzaro in collaboration with the Magna Graecia University, Polo Bio Tecnomed and PMI Igea Soluzioni. The project objective is to valorize the historical, cultural and enviromental assets of the territory using 5G solutions, allowing citizens and tourists access to innovative information and recreational services.


Vodafone is part of BASE-5G, one of the winning projects of the “Call Hub Ricerca e Innovazione” by the Regione Lombardia and lead by Politecnico di Milano and in collaboration with Akka Italia, LIFE, YAPE and Anotherreality. The project objective is to develop the Smart City of the future, smart areas that use Vodafone 5G to interact with citizens, offering intuitive interfaces depending on their needs.


The trials in action

Use Cases

A range of applications and services with high social impact and scalability

Use Cases
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