The city in the time of 5G

Discover how 5G can transform your city by enabling new extraordinary services for citizens and companies.

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Connected ambulance

Real-time sharing of vital signs + high resolution video call between the ambulance and the doctor remotely. Diagnosis and intervention during transport to the hospital. Use of smart glasses for augmented reality visualization of the patient's clinical history and rescue protocols.

Fixed wireless access

Use of 5G technology as a Fixed Wireless Access solution to allow citizens, businesses and public offices to benefit from advanced, interactive and immersive services even without adjustments to physical infrastructures or in Digital Divide areas.

Assisted maintenance with Augmented Reality

Support for operators and field technicians during maintenance activities of complex equipment and systems via high definition video call with an expert remote operator. 3D manuals and augmented reality animations suggest the actions to be taken to the operator. The expert can talk to the technician in the field, see the video stream and insert or draw elements in overlay.

Cooperative Urban Cross Traffic

Connected vehicles approaching a blind intersection communicate in real time thanks to V2X and Edge Computing (MEC). Dedicated algorithms on MEC use information that comes from the surrounding ecosystem such as cameras and identify potential risks of impact with unconnected vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, etc.

Robot for precision agriculture

Robotics system dedicated to automation and support in precision agriculture processes, capable of defining targeted interventions that reduce the use of pesticides, optimizing the productivity of the fields and reducing the environmental impact.

Education 4.0 - Virtual class

Students can attend university lessons held by teachers located in remote locations and make use of technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D cameras and holograms that guarantee interactivity and enhance the effectiveness of the lesson.

Food quality tracking

Food monitoring system that takes place through the analysis of high definition images. The manufacturer can remotely control the quality of the product, reducing production waste.

Citizen 4.0

Preview via augmented reality of urban redevelopment projects in the city. The user can see through his smartphone directly in the construction site area how the new buildings will appear at the end of the works. Indoors, citizens may be guided inside public buildings by a dedicated AR guidance service.

Assisted driving

Extension of the driver's vision range in cases of partial or obscured visibility. The exchange of high-definition video in real time between connected vehicles helps prevent accidents, especially during overtaking.

Video content streaming in mobility

Distribution on public transportation of up-to-date and relevant content, such as the news of the day, tourist or logistical information on the city, alerts on weather or traffic conditions, TV series and shows, programmed remotely in a dynamic and personalized way.

Last mile logistics

Transport and delivery of objects in indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to the 5G network it is possible to manage and control a fleet of electric vehicles, light, handy and capacious.

The city in the time of 5G

Vodafone 5G Network

The 4.5 GigaNetwork has evolved into the Vodafone 5G Network, offering customers more capacity and computing power, supporting cutting edge services and real time browsing.

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Maximum speed

5G is 5 times faster than 4G, even on the go, as certified by the Umlaut test.

In real time

thanks to the very low latency of 5G, communication is instantaneous.

With a capacity never seen before

whether you are in a crowded place or connected with multiple devices, you no longer have to worry about the quality of your network.

The applications of Vodafone 5G Trials

The applications of Vodafone 5G Trials

A range of services with high social relevance and scalability.

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Vodafone 5G Trials
2023 edition

Action for 5G

The 2023 edition is now open.

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What is 5G

5G is the new generation standard and supporting technology for mobile communication. This is not just an enhancement of the current 4G systems. It represents a real technological revolution! One of the main features of 5G technology is the increased capacity for simultaneos connections (up to 1mln/km2) with very high speed connectivity and response time. 5G offers users a bandwith of 10Gbps and a latency under 10 ms.

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How does 5G work?

5G is a network technology that is adaptive to moving, dynamic users and not the other way around. It can be defined as a User Centric Technology. One of the main features of 5G technology is the increased capacity for simultaneos connections (up to 1mln/km2) with very high speed connectivity and response time. 5G offers users a bandwith of 10Gbps and a latency under 10 ms. To allow all this, the network infrastructure has changed, with the introduction of new architectural elements.

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How do 5G antennas work?

5G uses antenna systems called Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output). This allows the electromagnetic signal to be directed only where necessary, and only where it detects a device in conversation or download mode. It creates a strong spacial and temporal selectivity within the electromagnetic field.

Do we have to change our phone to use 5G?

To be able to use 5G you need a 5G device, a SIM of at least 128K and a dedicated offer.

When will 5G arrive to Italy?

Vodafone Italia launched the Vodafone 5G Network in June 2019.

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Where is there 5G coverage in Italy?
Is 5G dangerous to my heath?

5G frequencies are ruled by international guidelines and regulations for the exposition to magnetic fields. The effects on human health do not depend on the 3G, 4G or 5G transmission technology, but depend on the exposition level by the magnetic field, which is strictly regulated by the law. Therefore the effect of 5G is not dangerous in the same way that radio technology from previous generations is not dangerous.

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What is the Vodafone 5G trial and where did it take place?

The Vodafone 5G trial is the project assigned to Vodafone by MiSE for the experimentation of the new 5G technologies in Milan.

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