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A new success story for Vodafone 5G

The camera of the future is not a camera

Telemetry, real time localisation, low latency drones remote control, high reliability. See how Vodafone 5G transforms the concept of aerial filming.


2.500.000€ in 5G project funding for 2020 edition

The third edition of the Vodafone call that supports 5G innovative projects is now open!

Relive the Vodafone 5G events

Vodafone 5G for Milano Digital Week

14-17 March 2019

During the Milano Digital Week, Vodafone opened the doors of 5G to citizens with engaging, interactive demonstrations.

Giga Network 5G

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The 4.5 Giga Network has evolved into the 5 Giga Network,
offering customers more capacity and computing power, supporting cutting edge services and real time browsing. An even more flexible network which adapts to customer requirements. Currently the network reaches the top performance in Milan, Bologna, Turin, Rome and Naples, reaching it soon in 100 Italian cities.

To benefit from the 5G network, currently available in certain areas within Milan, Bologna, Turin, Rome and Naples, you must have a 5G enabled device and contract. See here for a complete updated list of enabled devices and contracts, as well as details of the cities covered.

Real Time
Interact with apps, solutions and devices in real time.
Response times of less than 10 milliseconds.
High computing power
in the proximity of users thanks to edge computing.
Giga Speed
Browse, download and share very-high definition multimedia content at a surprising speed.
Starting from the top performance of 4.5G and reaching 10Gbps in the years to come.
Quadrupled network capacity.
Everything Connected
Connect all your devices together, with the best network performance.
The number of devices connected to the network at the same time is set to grow to one million per km2.
Optimized network capacity for every device connected.
Agile Network
Maximum stability of the services you use at all times, even while moving and in the most overcrowded places, thanks to the network that self-configures to suit your needs in real time.
Increasingly stable navigation.
Expanding virtualisation to guarantee the flexibility and responsiveness of performance depending on the services used by customers, even in the most crowded places.
Power Voice
Call and browse at the same time, with a clear voice even in noisy environments.
Minimum waiting times when making calls.
50% improvement in perceived voice quality, especially in noisy environments.
Secure Control
Keep your browsing activity and data safe from IT threats.
3 billion malware attacks and 44 million viruses blocked in a year.
End-to-end application security thanks to edge computing.

Find out all the details and content at

Consumer Business

Vodafone 5G trial

A bundle of services with high social relevance and scalability

Wearables for sports
Health and Wellbeing
Robot for
precision agriculture
Manufacturing and industry 4.0
Education 4.0
Virtual class
Education and Entertainment
Process automation,
cloud control for Industry 4.0
Manufacturing and industry 4.0
Cooperative Urban
Cross Traffic
Mobility and Transport
Smart City
and Smart Campus
Smart Energy and Smart City
Drones for
aerial security
Security and Surveillance
Assisted maintenance
with Augmented Reality
Manufacturing and industry 4.0
Medical Cognitive Tutor
Health and Wellbeing
Shopping Experience
through Augmented Reality
Manufacture and industry 4.0
Rehabilitation robotics
Health and Wellbeing
Education 4.0
Immersive learning
Education and Entertainment
Robotics for hospital services
Health and Wellbeing
Drones for industrial inspections and structural health monitoring
Manufacturing and industry 4.0
Tourist 4.0
Education and Entertainment
Collaborative robotics
for Industry 4.0
Manufacturing and industry 4.0
IoT for Telemedicine
Health and Wellbeing
Last Mile Logistics
Manufacturing and industry 4.0
Connected ambulance
Health and Wellbeing
Fixed Wireless Access
Digital Divide
Action for 5G

Vodafone 5G is a tangible opportunity for your cutting edge projects

10 million euro in four years to support and launch your 5G project.

Image action for 5g

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